Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)

Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)

Duration: 2 Days Course


This course provides an introduction to Agile Service Management, the application, and integration of agile thinking into service management
processes and process design projects. Agile thinking improves IT’s effectiveness and efficiency and enables IT to continue to deliver value in
the face of changing requirements.
As Dev and Ops have been working in parallel with Dev focused on Agile/Scrum and Ops focused on ITSM/ITIL, this course strives to bring
together individual achievements to deliver full business value. The course cross-pollinates Agile and ITSM practices to support end-to-end
Agile Service Management so Dev starts to manage services instead of products and Ops and ITSM become more agile by scaling to “just
enough” process leading to improved flow of work and time to value.
Agile Service Management helps IT to meet customer requirements faster, improve the collaboration between Dev and Ops, overcome
constraints in process workflows by taking an iterative approach to process design that will improve the velocity of process improvement teams
to get more done.
This course positions learners to successfully complete the Certified Agile Service Manager exam.

Target Audience:
The target audience for the CASM course is
- Anyone interested in learning about Agile and Scrum from a products and process perspective
- Process owners and process designers
- Developers who are interested in helping make processes more agile
- Managers who are looking to bridge multiple practices into a DevOps environment
- Employees and managers responsible for designing, re-engineering or improving process
- Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement and DevOps initiatives
- Internal and external suppliers Process stakeholders


Agile thinking and values into service management
The learning objectives for Certified Agile Service Manager Scrum roles, artifacts, and events as it applies to both products and
(CASM) include an understanding of: processes
What does it mean to “be agile?” The two aspects of Agile Service Management:
The Agile Manifesto, its core values, and principles Agile Process Improvement–ensuring processes are lean and
deliver “just enough” control
Agile concepts and practices including ITSM, Kanban, Lean and
DevOps Agile Process Design–applying Agile practices to process design
Learn about SCRUM from a product and process perspective

Completion of pre-class assignment
Familiarity with IT service management processes and ITIL is

Agile Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner

Agile Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner

Duration: 5 Days Course


Agile approaches such as eXtreme Programming, Scrum and Lean Software Development are becoming increasingly mainstream. They
describe how to successfully deliver in complex situations when requirements and possible solutions are subject to continuous change; but
they stop short of describing a full project lifecycle with defined Phases, Work Products, Roles and Responsibilities. This course covers how to
operate in such an agile fashion within an overall project framework which is accredited as a stable-mate to PRINCE2 and based on the DSDM
Agile Project Framework (DSDM APF) approach. Through practical experience of the agile style of working, case studies and example
scenarios from a highly experienced trainer, it provides delegates with an understanding of how the Agile Project Management process can
enable planning, management and control for predictable Agile project deliveries.

Target Audience:
The course is aimed at Project Managers and others involved in Project Management who want to understand how to apply agile approaches
within an overall project management lifecycle framework.

Testing and Certification:

Agile Project Management Foundation exam
Simple multiple choice exam – 40-minute exam
50 questions, pass mark is 25 (50%)
Taken at the end of Day 2 of training
Agile Project Management Practitioner exam
Complex multiple choice – Objective Test – 2.5-hour exam
Open book exam (reference to Agile PM Handbook allowed)
Four questions worth 20 marks each (80 marks), pass mark is 40
Pre-requisite for Agile PM Practitioner:
Agile Project Management Foundation (or DSDM Astern
Foundation) certificate
DSDM Advanced Practitioner certificate
Taken at the end of Day 5 of training

Management of Risk

Management of Risk

Duration: 5 Days Course

Code: MOR

This 5 day course is designed to provide a coherent and logical solution to the problem of implementing a risk management framework within
an organisation. It is designed to be adjustable to allow you to tailor your approach to risk according to your organisations's needs.
There is a significant quantity of homework to be completed during the course so delegates are advised to make allowances for this in their
plans for the week.

Target Audience:
Risk forms a part of the everyday running of any business or organisation, therefore, the study of its anticipation and management is relevant
for all individuals and organisations wishing to develop their awareness in this area.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will have a greater Better management at all levels through improved decision making
understanding of the advantages of risk management within an
organisation, such as: Reduced waste and fraud, and better value for money
Increased certainty and fewer surprises Innovation
Better service delivery Management of contingent and maintenance activities.
More effective management of change
More efficient use of resources


Delegates are required to meet the following pre-requisites: There are no official Pre-Requisites for this course. 

Testing and Certification

This course prepares delegates for the following exam(s): The M_o_R ® Foundation Exam is taken on Day Three, and the
M_o_R® Practitioner Exam is taken on Day Five of this course.

Exams are included in the course fee.



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