Author: Ionuţ Ţepeneu – IT Consultant, Innovation Division ETA2U

Chronology: In 2016 we started developing a solution to a simple request that proved to be a general requirement of the manufacturing area: OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Namely the need of production managers to have a monitoring tool to help them to calculate and, implicitly, to enhance OEE. Since then we have been making loads of production managers happy by giving them a simple, non-invasive tool that shows them every second whether and how they are using their manufacturing capacity. During the first stage we addressed large, multi-national corporations, but soon enough we started to receive requests from national companies as well. We dealt with a variety of manufacturing machinery and gained extensive experience, which we subsequently embedded into this solution. To sum it all up, we have a round-the-clock operational innovative solution that has been and may be implemented in a variety of manufacturing environments and we are extremely motivated to invest in its promotion and development.

An innovative solution dedicated to production managers.

Both the manager and the personnel involved in production need detailed data about the operation of manufacturing machinery. Within the machinery life cycle there may rise operation errors which impact on the entire production. To respond to such challenges within the manufacturing environment, ETA2U is developing a new & innovative product on the Romanian market – patenting is in progress – which provides real-time monitoring of the manufacturing equipment. It is non-invasive and universally applicable, it offers dynamic information on the current state of the equipment as well as its efficiency and performance within a time range. This product is fresh out of the research-innovation laboratories and it addresses the growing needs of those who implement “Just in Time” manufacturing and the migration to “Industry 4.0”.

Why is the implementation of a ZAX Sense solution in a manufacturing company so important?

For production managers, a better and more efficient planning, the real-time supervision of equipment and the analysis of manufacturing performance mean strenuous, time-consuming work. All this effort may be alleviated by using Zax Sense, which enables real-time access to data from any piece of hardware that is connected to the internet.

The monitoring component of the work in progress within the ZAX Solution allows production managers to view and interpret the state of equipment within the manufacturing area on an intuitive dashboard. The critical operational parameters of the machinery are summarized in dynamic state diagrams, updated in real time. The errors and the critical situations are solved fast through ZAX Sense's alert function.

 Real-time monitoring and reporting through ZAX Sense.

When the value ranges for preset parameters are exceeded, an alert is automatically issued via the usual communication channels (SMS/e-mail) to the personnel in charge. Equipment-operation error reporting follows hierarchical alert flows preset for every single company.

How does ZAX Sense work?

01 Data Acquisition 
State-parameter values are determined by adding to each monitored piece of equipment a set of sensors connected to a wireless communication hub, which sends the collected data in real time. A data-import or data-entry interface is used in parallel drawing information from production (order, parts, substitution etc.).

02 Data processing
ZAX Sense saves the collected data and allows the entry of correlated information via customized interfaces or import. The deviations from the preset value ranges will be automatically identified, while, based on the configured alert flows, an error or incident alert is issued by SMS/e-mail to the specialized personnel.

03 Reporting
The production information are centralized and reported in real time as dynamic state diagrams or as tables. Furthermore, for an overview, the usual information may be acquired in a global dashboard. Thus, production managers have centralized & real-time access to the current state of the monitored equipment to calculate efficiency and workload.

And last but not least, Zax Sense is just a component of a global solution

The core of ZAX Solution is a production control system, which manages all aspects related to forecast and execution, from the planning of client's orders in production to the definition of processes and operations. Around this MES core, ETA2U developed all the necessary components to assist all the usual activities of a company, destined to the procurement, sales, price, stock and warehouse management divisions.


– This solution delivers high visibility of the manufacturing environment, while the collected data may be accessed in real time allowing: the reduction of the planning and operation-start time, the reduction of stocks and the minimization of flawed products.

Zax Depozit -  The stocks of goods are easily managed in ZAX Depozit. This solution offers all the necessary components to label and identify the goods using bar codes or RFID. Concurrently, the solution monitors the product movement among inventories, realized in writing/highlighted-registered via receipt and transfer documents. Inventory processes can be easily managed in ZAX Depozit. ZAX Deposit makes it easier for its users to identify and collect more quickly the products by using the predefined locations.

ZAX Sales
– Customer-relationship monitoring is improved by ZAX Sales by setting price and discount policies, issuing invoices and notes as well as monitoring payment collections. The information on clients and on sales is available in real time, illustrated in reports and dynamic statements.

Many manufacturers feel that the new directions adopted in manufacturing are discouraging; the associated costs borne to replace the equipment with smarter machinery is not a justified investment. ZAX Sense is a product created for the manufacturing reality and it allows adjusting the existing equipment and its revamping for a connected manufacturing plant. By implementing ZAX Sense you migrate to a paperless work environment, the performance and efficiency reports are generated dynamically and uniformly, regardless of whether it is  CNC machine that has been working uninterruptedly for 30 years or a modern injection machine.

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